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Morbier cheese AOC

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Semi-hard smooth-textured cheese with pale gold/beige/pink rind, which has been washed and brushed. The pale ivory pate has a layer of blue/black edible vegetable ash lightning-bolting through its equatorial centre. Traditionally this was done as a means to separate the morning and evening milks, but is today mostly decorative. When young the taste is mild, with a fresh milky nutty flavour, becoming richer, sharper, and more pronounced with age.

Country/Region:  France/Franche Comte
Aging Period:      6 - 10 weeks
Milk Type:           Cow Milk / Raw / Unpasteurized
Strength:             Characterful
Texture:               Creamy, springy and supple,
Flavour:               Citrusy, fruity, full-flavored, tangy
Aroma:                 Grassy, pungent, strong operates differently then

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