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Reblochon Coeur Savoyard - 250g

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Semi-soft disc with washed and rubbed pinky-gold rind. The pate is almost chewy, supple, with a rather nice earthy aroma and rich hazelnut taste. Aged sandwiched between with two thin pine discs, imbuing the rind and pate with a delicate, barely detectable (though crucial) woodiness. We lightly wash the cheeses in an Arbois wine to encourage and deepen ripening. The rind and all can be eaten, unless weather conditions have made the rind soggy and bitter.

Country France
Region Savoie
Age 1 - 3 months
Milk Cow (Unpasteurized )
Fat 26%
Classification semi soft
Strength medium
Texture close, compact, smooth and supple
fruity, mild, nutty
Aroma earthy, herbal operates differently then

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