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White Peach - 4 pieces (600g)

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White peach is the favorite fruit of gourmets with a sweet tooth

The 'Peche Melba' is the sublime dessert that this fluffy fruit, fragrant, round and fleshy. More flavorful than Yellow Peach it is also juicier, less firm and more tender. However, it remains much more fragile than its colleague and also holds up less well when cooked.

White peach is well suited to sweet and savory dishes. Fresh goat cheese, leg of lamb and sea bream are some of the ingredients that happily combine with the sweetness of white peach. In a salad, it goes well with green beans and fresh almonds. Thyme also suits him. It is also found in a sangria.

On the sweet side, white peach goes well in a soup spiced with mint or basil, is poached in a plain syrup (as for the mythical Peach Melba) or flavored with verbena or even in red wine, roasted, prepared in gratin, pie, mix for a smoothie.

Sourced from Corsica, France

±630g for 4 peaches

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